Floor Heating Made Simple!


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Floor Heating Made Simple!


Radimo Floor Heating Systems are the best value to provide safe and reliable radiant heating.

Radimo’s electric mat and cable systems provide soothing warmth for under tile and stone floors.

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Radimo Products

Radicable - Heating cable

  • Supplied with spacing clips for custom layouts
  • Best for small/irregular floor layouts
  • Absolute best value per sqft

Radimat - Heating mat

  • Wire pre-spaced on a fiberglass mesh
  • Best choice for a low-profile installation under tile
  • DIY choice for simple layouts


  • 7-day programmable
  • can be used to control ambient or floor temperature
  • GFCI built-in for bathrooms
  • 3-year warranty (UL listed)

Mirror Defoggers

  • Ultra-thin DIY addition to bathroom mirrors
  • Hooks to lighting circuit
  • Heats up in 2 minutes
  • Easy to install or retro-fit

What Our Customers are Saying

“Radimo has made it very affordable to add heated floors on most of my bathroom remodels. It is bar none the best cable value on the market to add comfort to tile and a wow-factor to my client’s remodel”.


Remodeler, CrainDevelopment

“From all the research we did, Radimo mats were the best priced. At first it had us worried but my husband ended up installing it himself in our bathroom remodel and received great support. You guys have been there by email and phone and made it very simple. Thank you!”

Kelly McMahon


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Why Install Electric Floor Heating?

Much can be said about Radiant Floor Heating and its history and benefits. The bottom line is that it is easier than ever to install a heating mat under your bathroom tile floor, and enjoy the affordable luxury of nice, toasty floors as you step out the shower.
Heated floors are often a significant contributor of heat in the room. Very efficient to run, electric heating cables heat up the cement and tile and let the material radiate the heat in the room. Beyond stepping on an 85 degree floor, the pragmatic benefits are:

  • Maintenance free systems
  • Invisible, inaudible, hidden under the tiles
  • Long lasting, safe comfort
  • Costs pennies to run, equivalent to the light bulbs in the bathroom, or $3 to $5 a month.
Which Floor Coverings Are Suitable?

The most common and effective floor coverings are tile, stone and related materials. The reason is that the mass and density of these materials offer the best results when capturing the heat from the cables and radiate the heat through the room.

Radimo electric floor heating systems can however be installed under other types of surfaces includes vinyl, laminates and more. A layer of self-leveling cement of about 3/8” needs to be poured over the cables and mats to create a ‘heat bank’ and conform to the rules of a safe and efficient install.

Contact your reseller for more information about applications other than tile and stone.

How Do I Operate The System?

You can view the RADIMO electric floor heating system as an appliance, except that you don’t directly “plug it in”. It could literally operate on a switch, but is commonly recommended with a manual or programmable thermostat. RADIMO recommends a manual device for very small rooms or rooms used for extended periods of time (kitchen, home office, etc).

We do recommend the energy efficiency of a programmable thermostat for bathrooms and rooms enjoying punctual use. It does take 30 to 45 minutes for the system to heat up to the desired temperature, thereby requiring an “early start” to be programmed. Choose the RADISTAT-PRO or RADISTAT-MAN accordingly.

Do I Need Insulation?

Insulating is ALWAYS a good idea but never required. The better the insulation of the floor, the lesser the heatloss downwards. You want the RADIMO system to heat your tiles, not 6” of slab or crawl space. You can use a cork underlayment (max ¼”) or insulation boards to prevent such heatloss.
In most cases, installations on plywood will not require insulation unless primary heating is the goal in the room. Achieving such results require the advice of a qualified professional, but for general floor heating results and toasty 85 degree bathroom floors, there is little to be worried about. Mats and cables installed over plywood and cement board subfloors will perform to the task quite easily.
When installing over crawlspaces and basement slabs, keep the above in mind and do talk to your flooring specialist about insulating the system from the cold subfloor.